Get free Satoshi every 5 minutes in our bitcoin faucet.

  1. Signup at faucethub
  2. Add your bitcoin wallet to your faucethub profile
  3. Use your wallet from faucethub in our bitcoin faucet
  4. Allow the captcha to complete before clicking the claim button

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Q: I have completed the faucet but haven’t received any payout?
A: Our faucet runs with a cronjob which means that every 20 minutes we complete payouts to all our users.

Q: I have waited for more than 20 minutes with no payout at all what happened?
A: We pay our users through faucethub and require you to use a wallet linked to your faucethub account. If you haven’t already signed up for an account at faucethub you can do it now adding your wallet to your account will make the payment go trough in our next cycle.

Q: How many times can I claim free satoshi?
A: You can claim free satoshi every 5 minute with a 24h limitation of 100 times max. This is to ensure as many users can receive free satoshi from our faucet. We might lift the 100 times limit one time in the future.

Q: Can I donate to this faucet and help make it running?
A: Yes – if you want to help support this faucet by donating bitcoins you can deposit directly into our faucet wallet. Send bitcoins to 18e6yTzVucvvk4Af12oW99sfQkjzqccBC6 and it will be deposited directly into the faucet. You should be able to see the amount directly when 6 confirmations has been sent. You can see the deposit on our faucet bitcoin balance.